I see my works as organisms, bathing in fluids, which are intertwined with the manmade world. Beings and objects move through an ambiguous environment, they operate together and are a strange blend of the organic and mechanical. Within this imagery I find elements, which I extract and use in my work.

Searching for ‘found objects’ to drain them of their functionality, I then mold them into a new archetypical and cultural existence. I feed my works and at some point these entities start feeding themselves. You can find traces in them, which suggest what they once were or what they might become in the future.

The assembling process consists of many substances, like machine components, horns, mystical ornaments, conduits, and wax-like matter. I find new otherworldly forms through sketching and playing with materials. These explorations are fused into functionally-unknown sculptures with symbolic and science fiction undertones. With this I raise questions in a world where we want to control and think we can explain everything.